ANDREEW HOLDING helping refugee families from Ukraine

The situation in Ukraine is alarming. Millions of families are fleeing Ukraine. Many of them are coming to Germany as well. Ukrainian families must rely on the help of others.
Many organisations are currently actively working to assist refugees with various donations of goods and foods.

Arche Berlin has recently become a coordinating body for refugees from Ukraine and has repurposed its gymnasium into a location for receiving and handing out donations. There, families who have fled Ukraine can find hot meals, long-lasting foods, medical aid, baby food, water bottles, air mattresses, travel cots, sleeping bags and much more. At a number of other sites, such as Arche Warsaw, in Poland, new families are being taken in every day to offer them a little security in these difficult times.

The ANDREEW HOLDING has been donating to the Arche organisation for years because it is an honest and kind establishment that goes above and beyond for vulnerable children and their families. In good conscience, AIG is again donating EUR 26,500 to Arche to help ensure that refugees can continue to receive the necessary foods and goods that their plight demands.

We hope that peace will come soon, and wish all the best for the families affected.